Many real world interactions are anonymous

Let me give you some perspective with a short story;

Meet John! John wants to buy sports equipment. Someone told him that the shop is there in the nearby town. He went to the town but was unable to find the shop. He saw a person standing near the traffic signal, he decided to ask him about the shop thinking he might know. He asked;

“Excuse me sir, do you know any nearby shop who sells sports equipment?”

The guy replied, “A shop is there but in the next street!”.

John went to next street but could not find the…


Feel free to watch the demo before proceeding…


Social logins such as Facebook, Google which are common Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanisms for authentication in websites (also called service providers) these days, help service providers to quickly onboard an user without demanding them to go through the registration process. Through this process, on one hand, the service providers can provide seamless onboarding to their user and on the other hand, there is no requirement for the user to type his details for instance name, email, phone number, every time he avails a service from a new provider. Along with this…

We have been exploring the Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) space for quite some time and today we came up with the first implementation of SSI specification proposed by *W3C credential community*.


This is going to be a long blog since a lot of concept needs to be explain. But I will try to do full justice to your time by explaining SSI with a visual demonstration using a simple use case on Hypersign Studio.

Self-sovereign identity

Self-sovereign identity intent to give control of user data back to the user by leveraging the use of technologies like Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and…

This blog can be considered as a follow-up blog (but not necessarily) on a series of blogs on digital identity.

In this blog, we will explore why Blockchain is an important tool to build proper SSI system. Even though it is not necessary for…

In our previous blog titles — Digital Identity: Past, Present and Future, we went through the journey of digital identity and tried understanding how it evolved over the period and where it is heading. We ended our discussion with the basic introduction of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) system. If you have not read that blog, I encourage you to read that first before proceeding with this blog. In this blog, we will take a deeper dive into SSI and will try understanding how it works under the hood. …

Credit: Google

I can totally understand the feeling/anger/frustration. All of us are infuriated. But the problem with this kind of anger is — they are temporary! Once the incident passes, we forget and stop talking about it. Look at every other rape which has happened in the past, what happens afterwards — is another rape!

India is full of rituals. We have rituals in everything we do. We have rituals for praying to God, we have rituals for getting an education, we even have rituals for living our lives. Once a child is born, all he/she has to do is, follow those…

Identity management (IM) has always been a challenge for companies, whether it’s securing their internal employee’s access to company systems and applications, or securing their customers to access the web apps and databases. This aspect has two major components, Management of identity and Management by identity. Management of identity is primarily Authentication and Management by identity is Authorization.

Traditionally, common methods of managing digital identities such as usernames and passwords have been proven to be less secure. Verizon has reported that:

> 81% of hacking-related breaches used either stolen or weak passwords.

People started solving this problem either by using…

St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Chennai

St. Thomas Cathedral, also known as San Thome Church was built in the 16th century by Portuguese over the tomb of Saint Thomas — one of 12 disciples of Jesus — in the city of Chennai, India. But wait, I am not here to tell you anything about this church or Saint Thomas or Jesus, you can always read online about them. There are hundreds of articles available. So why am I here then? I want to talk about my first experience inside this church or any church for that matter. You must be wondering what is so special about…

the pamphlet says accepting test Bitcoins if you want free of cost!

Pramati Technology, Chennai had organized “Cook N’ Sell Standoff Fest” where teams had to prepare a dish and put a stall at the venue to sell it. Although I was not interested in the beginning, my friend wanted to participate and she managed to convenience me as her sales guy to sell the freshly baked “Orange Cakes”. She thinks that she is not very social with people and since I am good at talking, I can sell (I was about to prove her wrong :D).To be honest, I was still in a mode of not taking part since I was…

The image is taken from Google.

The first-generation blockchain, Bitcoin led the way in the creation of numerous alternative currency platforms as the first generation of blockchain technology.

In late 2013, Vitalik Buterin proposed what it would be known as the second generation of blockchain: Ethereum, the project came to live in July 2015. Ethereum introduced the ability to build application-specific logic upon a blockchain network. This enabled new capabilities beyond transactions to incorporate state, business logic, and multi-party contracts to be stored and executed on a blockchain and written to an immutable ledger.

In the initial days, there was a belief that everything on the…

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